Basics of Coupon Design: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main elements for efficient coupon redemption?

  1. Design coupons in compliance with industry standards
  2. Keep promotions clear and concise
  3. Review coupon art proofs prior to distribution
  4. Notify your redemption agent of the offer prior to distribution
  5. Ensure accuracy of information provided to your redemption agent
  6. Consider all parties involved with the redemption process

What are some examples of common coupon design flaws?

  1. An unclear or confusing offer to the consumer
  2. An incorrect coupon code
  3. Confusing artwork
  4. Not scannable or an erroneous scan code
  5. Failure to follow industry design guidelines

How can coupon design flaws impact the success of my offers?

  1. Negatively impacts consumer use of your coupon
  2. Slows point of sales (POS) systems
  3. Increases clearinghouse processing time
  4. Strains retailer/manufacturer relations
  5. Creates adjustments that can lead to deductions
  6. Results in potential additional costs from retailers

Why use legal verbiage on coupons?

  1. Clarifies terms of promotion to consumer and retailer
  2. States redemption address
  3. Explains the manufacturer's redemption policy to retailer
  4. Communicates a null cash value without the purchase of the required product

What is an example of legal verbiage?

The following is shown only as an illustration. Seek the advice of your own legal counsel when establishing legal verbiage and redemption policies.

CONSUMER: One coupon per purchase. Good only on product indicated. Consumer pays any sales tax. Void if sold, exchanged or transferred.

RETAILER: Redeem on terms stated for consumer upon purchase of product indicated. ANY OTHER USE CONSTITUTES FRAUD. If submitted in compliance with __________'s Coupon Redemption Policy (copies available upon request), you will be reimbursed face value plus 8¢. Mail to: __________. Failure to produce on request invoices proving purchase of stock covering coupons may void all coupons submitted. Void if taxed, restricted, prohibited or presented by other than retailers of our products. Cash value 1/100¢.