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Sophisticated Loss Prevention to Minimize Fraud Exposure

Whenever and wherever money is involved, there will always be attempts to beat the system. The coupon redemption market is no exception.

NCH helps you control and deter these threats by bringing together our people, processes and state-of-the-art technology. In fact, our loss prevention capabilities are some of the most advanced and detailed in the industry, featuring built-in flexibility to meet individual client requirements.

Here are just a few of the ways that NCH empowers clients to manage and minimize their exposure to coupon fraud:

  • Identifying valid retailers is the first step in controlling fraud. NCH uses proprietary technology to link and cross-reference information from many highly credible sources that collect vital intelligence about retailer stores and businesses.

  • The information that we collect from our independent sources provides a credible foundation for identifying anomalies in retailers’ coupon submission patterns, which could indicate a probability of fraud.

  • Coupon fraud can occur where you least expect it. That’s why NCH meticulously maintains submitter and submission data at the finest level of granularity. And, we systematically benchmark submission patterns for retailers of every size and class of trade, from the smallest independent convenience stores to the largest wholesalers and national grocery chains.

  • In addition to analyzing global submission patterns across manufacturers, NCH provides you with the tools and information to quickly identify anomalies in a retailer’s submissions to you.

  • Recognizing that specific offers may sometimes be targets for fraud, NCH enables you to monitor redemption and make payment decisions at the offer level.

  • Since anomalies may show up only at the transaction level, NCH can provide you with the flexibility to review each transaction and deny payments for those that seem problematic.

When you invest in coupon promotions, you deserve better than to be victimized by fraud. Through our expert loss prevention, NCH can empower you to manage and control this risk.