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Expert Loss Prevention to Protect Your Company’s Assets

Your responsibility for your company’s coupon transactions can be greatly complicated when individual stores fail to follow the coupon handling procedures you’ve established. Procedural breakdowns or policy circumvention can create payment delays, trading partner disputes and even unrecoverable losses.

NCH helps clients create operational improvements throughout their organizations to assist in the identification of procedural problems and to enhance store-level controls. NCH’s loss prevention tools, information and expertise can help you understand what’s happening at the store level and hold individual stores accountable for their coupon-related performance. And, as an independent auditor of your coupon operations, NCH provides you with the assurance you need to take further action when unusual circumstances warrant.

Examples of NCH's Loss Prevention at work include:

  • We physically review incoming paper coupons for highly unusual anomalies and verify paperless redemptions against files specifying the offers that your stores are authorized to accept.

  • We compare each store’s coupon submissions to its point-of-sale records, so you can quickly identify stores with unusual redemption volumes, missing coupon shipments or larger-than-normal variances.

  • Our loss prevention expertise can even help clients spot inappropriate practices by brokers or vendor sales representatives to head off the likelihood of losses that would otherwise require unnecessary time and effort to recover.

  • And, we provide 24 months of history, so you can monitor each store’s performance over time and distinguish isolated incidents from systemic issues.

In other words, NCH helps you enforce your coupon handling procedures with ease and confidence. You’ll be able to deploy your resources in the most effective way to protect your company’s assets.