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NCH Coupon Solutions for Retailers and Manufacturers

At NCH, our focus is helping retailers and manufacturers protect their money as it flows through the redemption lifecycle.

Our fully integrated solution is designed to help clients more effectively manage the risks and costs associated with the settlement of all types of coupons, both paper and paperless. That means NCH is best equipped to eliminate waste and make more promotional dollars available for the benefit of both trading partners.

To provide our retailer and manufacturer clients with greater value in coupon audit, settlement and analysis solutions, we continuously invest in four critical areas:

  • Proven Financial Controls provide assurance that NCH is handling your promotional dollars with the highest degree of care and integrity.

  • Expert Loss Prevention empowers retailers and manufacturers to protect themselves against coupon fraud and enforce high standards of control within their coupon redemption programs.

  • Comprehensive Information Management Tools, such as LAUNCH™ and BENCHMARK™, deliver the information that clients need to stay informed and stay in control of what happens to their money.

  • Our Experienced and Consultative Team helps clients look beyond mere symptoms to diagnose and treat the root causes of their biggest coupon redemption challenges.

Through outstanding performance in these four areas, NCH has earned the loyalty of many of the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers as their coupon agent of choice. Today, we are the U.S. market share leader in both retailer coupon clearing and manufacturer redemption services, and we hold the market-leading position in every country in which we operate.

Acquisition Enhances Ability to Serve Clients

In January 2014, NCH acquired the coupon clearinghouse assets of ProLogic Redemption Solutions, Inc. It is an acquisition that aligns well with NCH’s keen focus on high-quality, well controlled and completely transparent coupon audit and settlement services. As a strategic owner, NCH is combining the broad client base of the two organizations to further strengthen our ability to meet all our clients’ needs.