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Beneficial Partnerships That Deliver Breadth Without Sacrificing Depth

With NCH, you get a partner who is keenly focused on helping manufacturers and retailers minimize risk and reduce waste in the coupon redemption and settlement process. And, you get the added benefit of a well-connected partner who integrates easily with other experts you may need for your promotional events.

NCH’s specialized expertise provides the in-depth knowledge that our clients need to effectively manage the complexities and avoid the potential pitfalls associated with today’s highly dynamic coupon redemption market. And, it helps us avoid the conflicts of interest that can arise when a settlement provider pursues disparate business ventures.

The depth of our expertise is complimented by NCH’s ability and willingness to work closely with a wide variety of other companies that also provide specialized promotional services. For example, we routinely work with coupon media companies, marketing and promotional agencies and other third-party firms that our clients have hired to assist with strategy, execution or trading partner engagement to enforce their redemption policies. The range of services offered through our sister companies, alliance partners and other connections includes: coupon media, loyalty programs, promotional targeting, barcode creation and validation, family code maintenance, fulfillment and sweepstakes security.

Our clients benefit because they gain access to a full spectrum of appropriately segregated promotional services without sacrificing the depth of expertise they need from their individual service providers. What’s more, NCH’s information and services often help our clients’ other service providers do their jobs even better.