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Advanced One-Count Options to Meet Your Requirements

At NCH, we understand that the decision to participate in one-count arrangements with your retailer trading partners is a choice – your choice. That’s why we’ve designed our one-count operational capabilities to provide the flexibility you need and deserve.

Some manufacturers offer accelerated one-count payments to retailers who partner with them on enhancing the quality, controls and transparency of the redemption and settlement process, or as an incentive for retailers to meet specific requirements established by the manufacturer. Other manufacturers may simply view one-count participation as a strategy for lowering certain processing costs. Regardless of your objectives, NCH has a one-count option to meet your needs.

NCH’s one-count process utilizes an electronic data exchange system that allows NCH to receive critical data about your coupons electronically from the retailers and coupon clearing houses of your choice.

Our advanced one-count technology provides you with:

  • An electronic information exchange network, including ACH transfers and electronic payment reconciliation.

  • Flexibility to decide on the retailers and clearinghouses from which you’ll accept one-count invoicing.

  • Verification of all retailers and wholesalers submitting electronic invoices.

  • Volumetric controls to help identify suspicious anomalies in coupon submission patterns.

  • Random physical coupon audits to help ensure electronic data integrity.

  • Flexibility to exclude high-risk offers, such as free coupons, from the one-count process.

Get the freedom of choice you deserve.