Facts & Expertise

Resources for Those Involved in Coupon Promotions

While many resources are reserved exclusively for NCH clients via the NCH Resource Center portal, we do make a wide variety or resources publicly available, including thought leadership, best practices and coupon industry facts, as well as marketing strategies and blog postings from our parent company, Valassis. 

  • Thought Leadership – NCH leaders and experienced coupon managers share their knowledge and views about promotional marketing topics ranging from effectiveness metrics for coupons to the value of protecting coupon transactions.

  • Best Practices – This is the place to find expertise and advice from NCH about redemption management and control procedures, informed by our keen focus on coupon audit, settlement and analysis.

  • Coupon Industry Facts– NCH publishes various facts and studies about coupons to provide a market-level understanding of the activities driving redemption results and the importance of safeguarding the coupon funds that are motivating the sale of branded consumer products for retailers and manufacturers. Expanded data and analysis are available for NCH clients by logging into the client-exclusive NCH Resource Center portal.

  • Valassis Resources – Valassis, NCH’s parent company, delivers a wealth of resources featuring thought leaders throughout the organization sharing insights and expertise for intelligent media delivery.

  • Marketing Strategies – Are you looking for innovative and proven ways to reach and activate consumers? Trying to better understand the path to purchase and shopper behavior to develop media plans that leverage your brand or store’s market position? Then Valassis’ Marketing Strategies provide a great place to start.